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Union City Mayor/State Sen. Brian Stack. (Photo: Brian P. Stack).

Stack wants chairman election to be held in Jersey City

By David Wildstein, May 31 2018 2:05 pm

Union City Mayor/State Sen. Brian Stack wants the election for Hudson Democratic county chairman to be held in Jersey City.

He says he has heard rumors that the outgoing county chairman, Vincent Prieto, will hold the meeting in West Hudson to make it more difficult for Stack voters to attend,

“I am calling on the current HCDO leadership to commit to hosting the meeting in Jersey City, which of course, is both our County Seat and centrally located in the County, encouraging attendance and participation by Committee Members,” said Stack.  “It is shameful that the bosses have even considered hosting this meeting at a location that discourages participation.  However, I am not surprised, as all of the bosses’ decisions are made with minimal input so they can continue to make the system work solely for themselves.  This is yet another reason that we need change in the Party.”

Stack faces Amy DeGise, a Jersey City school board member and the daughter of Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise.

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