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State Sen. Brian Stack. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for the New Jersey Globe).

Stack pushes Yes vote on Jersey City Airbnb referendum

Hudson County Senator calls measure ‘common sense’

By David Wildstein, October 18 2019 3:47 pm

State Sen. Brian Stack (D-Union City) has endorsed a ballot referendum to ban short-term rentals in Jersey City.

“Airbnb, a $35 billion corporation, is using its corporate cash on expensive ads and mailers to spread misinformation and confuse Jersey City voters about this issue,” said Stack, who is also the mayor of Union City.  “I will not sit idly by while a greedy tech company attempts to use its corporate dollars to re-write our local laws.”

The proposal asks voters to affirm a local ordinance that allows short-term rentals to continue, but with numerous conditions.

Stack’s support for the public question puts him on the same side of Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and comes despite a strained relationship after Fulop failed to deliver for Stack during the Hudson County Warette of 2018.

“As the state senator for District 33, my top priorities are my constituents’ safety, their access to housing, and their quality-of-life,” Stack said. “Without basic ground rules in place, Airbnb rentals threaten all three of these basic rights that all Jersey City residents deserve. That is why I will be talking to thousands of Jersey City voters to encourage them to vote ‘yes’ on November 5th.”

Stack called a yes vote on the referendum “common sense.”

“We need smart regulations to protect our neighborhoods,” Stack said.  “These regulations allow Airbnb operations to continue, but with basic rules that prevent them from causing noise, trash and parking nuisances for residents.”

According to Stack, regulations like the ones proposed in the referendum would prevent “predatory real-estate investors from turning entire neighborhoods into hotels, and driving up rental prices for people who actually live in these neighborhoods.”

“We all understand that Hudson County is built on neighborhoods and knowing your neighbors is critical to protecting your property and public safety,” explained Stack.  “When we know our neighbors, we look out for each other which further promotes the initiative of ‘See Something – Say Something.’”

Gov. Phil Murphy, who like Stack has a poor relationship with Fulop,  has also endorsed the referendum.

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