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Dover Democratic Municipal Chairman Edward Correa. New Jersey Globe photo.

Correa likely to succeed Blackman in Dover

Democratic leader will replace incoming mayor as alderman

By David Wildstein, January 01 2020 11:53 am

Dover Democratic Municipal Chairman Edward Correa, the principal architect of a complete change of control of local government in Dover, is expected to fill the alderman seat left vacant by election of Carolyn Blackman as mayor.

Blackman will take office at noon after unseating longtime incumbent James P. Dodd in the November 2019 general election.

At a special meeting last night, the local Democratic county committee nominated Correa, along with Estela Roibal and Angel Cordero, Jr. to fill the vacancy.

Blackman’s seat is up this year and Correa, the overwhelming front runner for the post, is likely to seek a two-year term. 

Correa replaced James Visioli as municipal chairman in 2018 after leading an insurgent group of Democrats that won 19 of 24 contested races for county committee and four ward alderman seats. 

Morris County Democratic Chairman Chip Robinson game the Correa-backed Dover First slate the organization line in a bid to have the local party organization reflect the diversity of a town that is 69.4% Hispanic.

In 2019, Dodd and his running mates skipped the Democratic primary and sought re-election as an independent.  They were beaten narrowly by Blackman and her team.

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2 thoughts on “Correa likely to succeed Blackman in Dover

    1. Didn’t Ed Correa sues the town of Dover NJ? Didn’t Ed Correa was involved in a car accident on Penn Ave in Dover? Why, did Ed have mail James P Dodd’s Mail in his trunk the day of the accident. Was Ed Correa tested for DUI? Was his car impounded like everyone else when involved in a car accident? Come on folks transparency it’s time to make these democrats accountable for their actions. I will not rest until I get these answers and there is more of me looking for these answers too.

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