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Cape May County Democratic Chairman Brendan Sciarra. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Cape May Democrats will seek by-laws change

Demcorats seek to extend county committee elections

By David Wildstein, April 08 2020 1:56 pm

Cape May County Democrats will hold a special county count committee meeting to extend their terms until 2021 by changing their by-laws.

“America is facing an unprecedented pandemic. The economy is frozen, jobs are disappearing, workers are filing for unemployment by the millions, and lives are literally on the line. Small business owners are in a panic as they struggle to meet overhead, so it is sad to see local activists being co-opted by their agenda driven political bosses to do their dirty work,” said Brendan Sciarra, the county chairman.  “Rather than putting the health and safety of their fellow constituents first and follow the recommendation of the NJDSC to postpone committee elections a selfish group of publicity seeking instigators would rather play partisan games that would put the public’s health at greater risk,”

Sciarra said that to comply with a ruling yesterday by Superior Court Judge James Savio, he will conduct a virtual meeting and vote,

“This will put an end to unnecessary drama created by a handful of individuals, and our party will turn our full attention to the tremendous candidates running for office in the upcoming November general elections,” Sciarra said.  “Together, we will continue to work hard to build a unified Party, win elections, and return government to the hard-working people of Cape May County but right now America is in trouble and everyone should be focused on doing their part so we can end this nightmare.”

Atlantic County Democrats announced this morning that they will do the same thing.

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