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Cape May County Democratic freeholder candidates Liz Casey and Brendan Sciarra.

Cape May Democrats launch freeholder bid

By David Wildstein, July 28 2020 2:01 pm

Pledging to diversify the county’s seasonal economy, Democrats Brendan Sciarra and Liz Casey have kicked off their campaigns for Cape May County freeholder against Republican incumbents Will Morey and Jeff Pierson.

“As a lifelong resident of Cape May County and small business owner, I have seen firsthand how a well-connected few have used the Freeholder Board to benefit friends and family to the detriment of county taxpayers,” said Sciarra. “The Board needs a major dose of common sense. Expect to hear a lot from Liz and me during this campaign about a new way forward. We want to turn the page on the past and usher in the future.”

Sciarra is the Democratic county chairman.  Casey is a former senior counsel to the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and ran for freeholder in 2019.

“Being a public servant is an honor, we entrust our elected officials to make decisions based on merit and fairness,” said Casey. “Sadly, the Freeholder Board continues to be plagued by a lack of imagination, favoritism, and constant dysfunction. Business as usual has led to a complacent, less efficient, and less transparent county government with no real forms of checks and balances. We must add new voices to the Freeholder Board to provide common sense solutions.”

Democrats have not won a freeholder race in Cape May since Jeff Van Drew, now a Republican congressman, defeated GOP incumbent Mark Videtto in 2000.

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