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Cape May County Democratic Chairman Daniel J. Kurkowski. (Photo: Dan Kurkowski).

Cape May Democrats elect new county chairman

Kurkowski named to replace Sciarra

By David Wildstein, January 26 2022 1:17 am

Daniel J. Kurkowski, a West Cape May Borough Commissioner, has won a special election as the new Cape May County Democratic Chairman.

He replaces Brendan Sciarra, who stepped down.

A former Cape May Bar Association president, Kurkowski defeated incumbent John H. Francis III by 84 votes in a November 2021 non-partisan election.

“I want to create an energy and excitement about being a Democrat in Cape May County. I will work hard to make this party strong,” Kurowski said.  “I invite Democrats of all ages and backgrounds to attend meetings, get involved, and run for office.  Working together, we will be a force.”

Kurkowski has served as deputy West Cape May Democratic leader, a post known in other parts of the state as municipal vice chairman.

In a Democratic state, Cape May continues to be a Republican bastion.  Democrats have not won a countywide race since Jeff Van Drew was elected freeholder in 2000.

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