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Camden GOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino. (Photo: Rich Ambrosino).

Camden GOP breaks with Squire

Freeholder candidate hid parts of criminal record, Ambrosino said.

By Nikita Biryukov, August 29 2018 12:31 pm

Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino is dropping support for freeholder candidate Vincent Squire after he and the organization learned that Squire had not been fully forthcoming about his criminal record.

While Ambrosino and others were made aware of his conviction of theft by deception, a crime Squire pled guilty to nearly a decade ago, but he said that Squire had kept conviction for burglary from county political heads and a more recent charge of assault filed against him by his son.

“I feel terrible airing dirty laundry in public, but we were conned,” Ambrosino said. “As a Party, we cannot have any affiliation with Mr. Squire, nor will we have any affiliation with any candidate that may choose to continue to support Mr. Squire. As of now, we are running only two Republican candidates because Squire refuses to do the right thing.”

Squire had informed Ambrosino and others about the conviction for theft by deception and had used that experience to try to prevent recidivism among other offenders in the county.

When Ambrosino and Squire’s now-former running mates learned of the other conviction on Squire’s record, they asked him to resign from the ticket. That happened roughly two weeks ago, they said, but squire has refused to back down.

Camden Republicans are now backing only two freeholder candidates, Keith Cybulski and Claire Gustafson.

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6 thoughts on “Camden GOP breaks with Squire

  1. Did your reporter even attempt to reach Mr. Squire for a statement? Isn’t it odd for a party to back a candidate without first “vetting’ him, which would at least include a Google search? Wow. The GOP expects us to believe they didn’t know about Mr. Squire’s criminal convictions, when it was made public when he ran on the GOP ticket in Pennsauken last year? Come on. Don’t believe the hype. There’s more to this than what the GOP says. Hmmm.

  2. If Squire’s sins were all in the past and he was willing to come clean I’d be willing to consider him. Unfortunately he has given multiple different explanations for his theft by deception convictions (I have 3 different explanations on video), he continues to lie, he continues to prove he is uninformed on the issues, he is facing second degree felony assault charges for striking his son, and his family home has been foreclosed and about to go to Sheriff Sale.

    The documentation on his foreclosure is on my blog https://positivelypennsauken592167491.wordpress.com/2018/11/01/are-fiscal-responsibility-and-honesty-traits-we-expect-in-a-candidate-for-camden-county-freeholder/#more-487

    In addition Squire has failed to file financial disclosures as required by law to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission. https://positivelypennsauken592167491.wordpress.com/2018/11/02/camden-county-freeholder-candidate-vincent-squire-has-failed-to-file-elec-reports/#more-498
    He threatened me for trying to interview him (others have been careful about trying to interview him after watching this video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceZc2Hart0E

    And he is fraudulently trying to use the court system to shut down my blog because he does not like the research and factual reporting I’ve done on him https://positivelypennsauken592167491.wordpress.com/2018/10/18/can-a-public-figure-and-candidate-for-public-office-shut-down-a-news-blog/#more-452

    These are just some of the reasons why I cannot support Vincent Squire as a viable candidate for Camden County Freeholder. I continue to struggle to understand how someone believes they are a viable candidate to serve the people of Camden County while all of this is going on. Shouldn’t your own finances be impeccable if you want to be involved in financial decisions for Camden County? Camden County has projected expenditures of $408,155.263.34 for 2018. I am not comfortable with a man who has theft by deception convictions and a family home about to go to Sheriff Sale due to a foreclosure being responsible for our tax dollars.

    In addition as I mention above Squire is facing second degree felony assault charges for striking his son (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0aPJ9Qd2qI&t=2s). I believe those charges need to come to a resolution before he is electable.

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