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Haddon Township Commissioner Paul Dougherty

Camden GOP wants councilman to resign

Dougherty charged with leaving scene of an accident

By David Wildstein, August 10 2018 12:17 am

Camden County Republicans are calling on Paul Dougherty to resign his post as a Haddon Township Committee and his job as the Clementon municipal prosecutor after being charged with leaving the scene of an accident and for driving without a license.

“Letting your license lapse for a week or two is understandable, but Dougherty let his lapse for two and a half months. That’s irresponsible and to make matters worse he is an elected official and a municipal prosecutor in three towns in this county,” said Camden County GOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino.  “As an elected official he should be held to a higher standard and should absolutely step down as a prosecutor at the very least.”

One of the Republican freeholder candidates, Camden County Republican Municipal Chairman, Keith Cybulski, says that “it’s not right to have a man who obviously has trouble following the law potentially prosecute people for not following the exact same law.

“Paul Dougherty should be removed as our municipal prosecutor immediately,” Cybulski said.

Dougherty allegedly rear-ended a car on July 19 and left the scene before finally calling police twenty minutes later.

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