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Union City Mayor Brian Stack and Gov. Phil Murphy begin the distribution of 30,000 Thanksgiving turkeys in 2019. (Photo: Union City Mayor's Office.)

Brian Stack is New Jersey’s GOTV King

By David Wildstein, November 15 2021 8:38 pm

Union City Mayor/State Sen. Brian Stack has a reputation as a voter turnout monster and the numbers he produced for Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy in the November 2 general election bears that out.

Stack and Union City delivered 11,038 votes for Murphy, where 33% turnout was the highest in Hudson County.  Murphy received more votes in Union City in 2021 than he did in 2017.

Jersey City, where there were contested races for mayor and nine city council seats, produced three times as many votes for Murphy, but it has five times as many registered voters.

Bayonne, which is 20% bigger than Union City, came in with 3,931 less votes.   North Bergen, which has 3,579 more voters, gave Murphy 3,061 less votes.

Despite having 9,388 more registered voters than Union City – and contested city council elections – Hoboken delivered 1,941 less votes there than he did in Stack’s hometown.  Murphy actually dropped in Hoboken, receiving 1,634 votes less than he did four years ago.

Stack, the incoming Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, also overperformed on early voting in Union City, where 5,511 voters cast their ballots between October 23-31.  While the statewide early vote was about 3%, in Union City it was 16.5%.

Murphy won 85% of the vote in Union City – his largest percentage in Hudson.  Against Republican Jack Ciattarelli, Murphy received 54% in Secaucus and 55% in Bayonne and Kearny.

“This is a testament to Brian Stack’s determination to build an organization that produces real votes,” said Michael Soliman, a Democratic strategist.  “Brian works it all the time – nights, weekends, door to door – it never stops.”

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