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Dover Mayor James Dodd

Blackman affidavit claims Dodd harassed her

Mayor calls filing a ‘political stunt’

By Nikita Biryukov, March 29 2019 3:34 pm

Dover Alderman Carolyn Blackman claimed Dover Mayor James Dodd harassed her on several occasions in late 2018, when Blackman backed a slate of insurgent candidates challenging Alderman aligned with Dodd.

In an affidavit filed Friday, Blackman alleged Dodd shouted obscenities at her and Fernando Barrios while the two were canvassing in Dover’s fourth ward.

“Roll down the window, pussy,” a man, purportedly Dodd, is heard saying in a video of the event posted by the Dover First slate. “You’re a fucking cunt. Roll down the window, you fucking cunt.”

Blackman and Barrios both appear on DoverLiarsRevealed.com, a website run by Dodd that hosts attacks on his opponents.

Blackman alleged her portrayal on the site — her picture appears in an ancestry chart labelled “the crooked family tree” — amounted to a bias crime. She said the imagery brought up memories of lynchings in the south under Jim Crow.

Dodd wasn’t worried about the allegations in Blackman’s affidavit, brushing the filing off as a stunt with the purpose of confusing constituents.

“My only comment at his time is I have not been served and this is nothing more than a political stunt,” Dodd said in a text message. “Petitions are due on Monday to run for Mayor and Alderman, so I’m not surprised.”

Last year, Morris County Democratic Chairman Chip Robinson dropped Dodd and the incumbent Aldermen allied with him over concerns about Dodd’s inactivity outside the city and over a belief that the town’s elected officials should better reflect Dover’s constituency.

Prior to last year’s elections, Dover — a town where 70% of residents are Latino — had only one Latino Alderman.

Dover insurgents won big that year, winning all four Alderman seats up for grabs that year. Blackman, who was once allied with Dodd, ran for re-election on the Dover First slate for the Dover First slate.

Since their win last June, the county-backed Dover First team has set their sites on Dodd, whose seat is up for election this year.

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