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Bergen County Democratic Chairman Paul Juliano, at podium, with Bergen Demcoratic leaders.

Bergen Democrats vote to extend county committee terms

Online resolution passes with 95% — and 73% turnout

By David Wildstein, March 24 2020 1:34 pm

Bergen County Democrats voted overwhelmingly to extend the terms of county committee members until June 2021 in an online election that had a 73% turnout among party members.

The vote was 740 to 39 to postpone county committee elections as New Jersey combats the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

The vote also extended the term of Paul Juliano was county chairman and other party officers until next year.  The plurality is an indication that county committee views Juliano favorably, since the resolution passed with 95% of the vote specifically says that the county chairman will get an extra year in office.

Bergen Democrats will elect county committee members to a one-year term in 2021 and then return to two-year terms in 2022 to put party leadership elections back on the federal election year schedule.

779 of 1,064 county committee members cast their ballots online.

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