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Susan Korngut Democratic candidate for Atlantic County Executive
Northfield Councilwoman Susan Korngut

Korngut wants cybersecurity jobs for Atlantic County

Councilwoman running for county executive

By Nikita Biryukov, October 10 2019 11:22 am

The Democratic candidate for Atlantic County Executive wants the county to have more cybersecurity job training opportunities.

Northfield Councilwoman Susan Korngut predicted huge spikes in demand for cybersecurity workers in the coming years, adding that she would make cybersecurity training and job initiatives available if elected.

“Experts are predicting that there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity job openings by 2021,” Korngut said. “Cybercrimes will triple the number of job openings in the next five years according to the same report. We have an opportunity to make Atlantic County the hub for the training for those job openings and home for the businesses offering those jobs. We already have interest from the aviation field and the defense industry. We have one shot to change the economic paradigm of Atlantic County or we can continue to remain stuck in the status quo.”

The jobs figure is drawn from a report conducted by the editors of Cybersecurity Ventures.

Korngut faces incumbent Republican Dennis Levinson in the general election. Levinson has held the seat for close to two decades.

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One thought on “Korngut wants cybersecurity jobs for Atlantic County

  1. Executive Levinson’s Administration has already introduced frequent CyberSecurity training for all county employees… more than once a month, if not more frequently. So, Ms. Korngut is behind the times on that one. As far as CyberSecurity jobs — How can she propose the identical plan that Mr. Levinson has already implemented, change the name of the field, then claim to be proposing an economic revolutionizing of the county? I do have to give Ms. Korngut her credit for diligent recycling… of Mr. Levinson’s ideas.

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