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Stephen M. Sweeney. (Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe)

Sweeney likes Biden, but he’s not ready to endorse

Senate president holding off endorsements ‘out of respect to Sen. Booker’

By Nikita Biryukov, January 14 2020 2:59 pm

Senate President Steve Sweeney has a special place in his heart for former Vice President Joe Biden, but he’s not ready to endorse him, or anyone else, for the presidency.

“You know, I like Joe Biden a lot, but I haven’t made a decision on anything yet,” he said. “Where we live, he was always the — we used to say — the third U.S. senator. But out of respect to Sen. Booker, I’m not just going to jump, you know what I mean?”

Booker suspended his presidential campaign on Monday after he failed to qualify for a second consecutive Democratic Primary Debate.

New Jersey’s junior senator didn’t secure enough support in qualifying polls to make the debate stage, and the money began to dry up.

Top Democrats in the state, who backed Booker without exception, have yet to pick their favored candidate since the former Newark mayor dropped his bid.

“I wish Sen. Booker had been able to sustain his campaign more than he was,” Sweeney said. “I think he would’ve been a great president. Country’s loss but our gain because he stays our U.S. senator.”

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