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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., left, with Assemblyman Jamel Holley. (Photo: Courtesy of Jamel Holley)

Robert Kennedy Jr. headlines Holley fundraiser

Prominent anti-vaxxer helps assemblyman raise roughly $100,000

By Nikita Biryukov, January 28 2020 4:38 pm

Prominent anti-vaccination activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. held a fundraiser for Assemblyman Jamel Holley at da Benito in Union Township Tuesday morning.

Holley said the event, which comes weeks after Holley lobbied against a bill eliminating a religious exemption for vaccination, raised roughly $100,000 dollars.

That bill died in the lame duck session because lawmakers in the Senate failed to secure enough votes to pass it. An amended version of the bill that drew support from Republican State Sen. Declan O’Scanlon also failed to reach 21 votes.

Holley said Kennedy met with members of the Legislative Black Caucus to talk about anti-vaccine arguments earlier in the morning.

Three of the five senators who opposed the original vaccine bill — Sens. Nia Gill, Ronald Rice and Shirley Turner — are members of the caucus.

Lawmakers are poised to make another push at reforming the legislative exemption, though it’s not likely that bill will closely resemble the version they attempted to pass during the lame duck session.

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14 thoughts on “Robert Kennedy Jr. headlines Holley fundraiser

  1. What an absolute embarrassment. This ooor excuse for an Assemblyman should be ashamed of himself. Aside from his general immaturity his fake-ness here is so transparent it’s sick. People will literally die because of his stance. Many in his district look up to him. To promote these anti vaccine conspiracy theories will only result in medical mayhem among the people he is supposed to represent. He’s sick.

    1. We “anti-vaxxers” used to think like you. Then either our children were harmed or we did the research. The government, through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, has paid over $4 billion in injury compensation. That’s not a conspiracy but an actual easily verifiable fact. There is a law in NJ called Holly’s law, named after Holly Stavola who was killed by the MMR vaccine at the age of five. I know Holly’s mother. She was “compensated” by the NVICP. That’s not a conspiracy theory but a verifiable fact. Read a vaccine insert so you can clearly see that there are risks to vaccination. Too many children are being harmed by them. Watch the documentary Vaxxed. Read books like “The HPV Vaccine on Trial” by Mary Holland (who was at the Holley event today) or the book “Dissolving Illusions” by Dr. Suzanne Humphries. Listen to the speech by Bobby Kennedy Jr from today’s event. I hope you take the time to research vaccine safety. Have a nice day!

    2. Before making a comment I would advise you to actually check out some research. Look at the VAERS reports, vaccine inserts, check out the WHO report of dr’s and scientists admitting more safety studies need to be done.

    1. That’s the nicest thing anyone can say about the disgusting stance of these people like Kennedy who believe it and Holley, an immature goof who just wants to latch on to anyone he thinks will help him politically.

    2. Mickey~
      “ People will literally die because of his stance.”
      How so when no one has died yet? Stop buying the propaganda and start educating yourself on the true dangers of vaccination…which are many! Chronic diseases among children are now at 54% and childhood cancer is at an all time high. Research the ingredient list and side effects on manufacturer’s vaccine inserts. on every single insert it states that vaccines HAVE NEVER been studied for carcinogenic and mutagenic effects or if they cause infertility. Our own government ruled vaccines as unavoidably unsafe. I will never inject my children with vaccines that contain DNA from aborted babies, animals, formaldehyde and other dangerous toxins. If you feel comfortable doing that to your child after doing thorough research, then go right ahead.

    3. Everyone hides behind the narrative anti Vax. It’s getting old and it’s muted.
      Holley and Kennedy are fighting for our constitutional freedom and medical freedom.
      They are telling the truth and that’s what main stream media is NOT doing!!
      We have a constitutional right and religious right to decide what goes into our bodies and our children’s especially if there is risk!
      These two rights go hand in hand.

  2. We commend you Assemblyman Holley for standing up for our basic God given rights to choose what goes into our bodies. Thank you for standing up for the families of NJ.

  3. So thankful for a man who will stand for what is right and true! Assemblyman Holley is a rare find… blessed is the man who walks not in the way of the wicked.

  4. Bravo assemblymen Holley and Robert Kennedy! Making more people aware is key 👏🏼👏🏼 I’m tired of people saying it’s just “Anti-vaxers” There’s not just anti Vax people it’s ALL people. Theres pro vax, delayed vax, and ex vaxers (people who have almost died from getting the vaccines) that are just as involved because we ALL think government should not control OUR lives and tell us what to do. So the people saying it’s just anti vaxers have no idea what is even going on because they clearly haven’t done any research on the bill because I’m sure they would not be okay with it. But that’s okay because you have smart and well researched people that fight for you because one day you will wake up and think THANK GOD FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHAT WAS I THINKING. So THANK YOU assemblymen and senators who have our backs so there’s no more government overreach where our children are involved.

  5. Bravo Assemblyman Holley and RFK Jr for exemplifying what democracy should look like: transparent and open discussions about the impact of legislation on minority populations. It is truly unfortunate that Asm Conaway, Senators Cunningham and Singleton and other members of the Black Caucus were not present to engage in this important discussion.

  6. Mickey show me the stats of people dying in NJ from “vaccine preventable infections.” I’ll wait. Asm Holley and RFK are highly educated, incredible stand up human beings who are pro-choice. Shame on you with your words.

  7. Thank you, Assemblyman Holley, for not only protecting our Constitutional right to freedom of religion, but for being brave enough to set this up so others might learn that true science points to serious flaws in the current CDC vaccine schedule. Thank you, RFK Jr., for your relentless research, for fighting for safe vaccines, and for standing up for our children. Thank you also to the pediatrician who spoke at this meeting (I guess the reporter missed this), educating the participants about the problems with vaccines. Thank you, Senator Rice, for your words of wisdom. It’s time for people to start opening their eyes.

  8. First of all, Robert F Kennedy Jr IS NOT anti-vaccine. The fact that you would even write this discriminatory piece of trash tells us that you are a nothing more than a pharmaceutical industry puppet. Robert Kennedy supports the rights of citizens to decide what will or will not be injected into their bodies. Robert Kennedy also points out that not a single vaccine on the pediatric vaccine schedule was involved in randomized controlled double-blind multicenter clinical trial using inert placebos for more than 48 months prior to being placed on the market, and the public health agencies are lying when they say vaccines are safe when the trials were not done to prove their safety before they were placed on the market.

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