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Lesniak calls for truce over EDA incentives

By Nikita Biryukov, May 05 2019 2:24 pm

Former State Sen. Raymond Lesniak, once one of the state’s longest-serving legislators, on Sunday asked Gov. Phil Murphy and legislators to set differences aside and renew the Economic Development Authority’s tax incentive programs.

“As a former colleague of yours, with 40 years’ experience, I urge you to rise above the political vitriol and extend the program that New Jersey needs to be competitive for business investment and job creation with other states and internationally,” Lesniak said.

Murphy has taken aim at the tax incentives, which he says have been inefficient and misused by firms.

He convened a task force to investigate those abuses.

Legislative leaders and Camden Democrats have vehemently defended the incentives, which they credit for Camden’s rise.

Lesniak introduced the original version of the bill that enabled the two incentive programs under investigation by the task force, though the bill was amended significantly behind closed doors shortly before getting a vote.

The former senator said the programs have still brought $17 billion in investments and 100,000 jobs to New Jersey.

“It’s time to end the food fight and get down to the business of attracting investment and jobs to New Jersey,” Lesniak said. “Thank you for your consideration of this plea.”

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One thought on “Lesniak calls for truce over EDA incentives

  1. Oh please, stop the crocodile tears. The investigation needs to continue. The corruption surrounding the EDA tax incentive program is just starting to be revealed. New Jersey residents deserve to know who is pocketing their hard earned money.

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