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Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick, left, and Assembly Minority Whip Nancy Munoz, both candidates for re-election in the 21st district.

In Bramnick’s district, Democrats have 14% lead on returned mail-in ballots

Nearly 40% of VBM ballots have already been returned in 21st district

By David Wildstein, October 31 2019 1:04 pm

Democrats have a growing fourteen-point advantage in vote-by-mail ballots in the 21st district, where incumbents Jon Bramnick and Nancy Munoz are battling to keep their seats against Democrats Lisa Mandelblatt and Stacey Gunderman.

So far, 7,390 mail-in ballot shave been cast in the 21st – 36.6% of the 20,176 ballots mailed out.

Of the returned ballots, 47.7% came from Democrats, 33.7% from Republicans and 18.4% from Unaffiliated voters — typically referred to as Independents.

Of the remaining 12,786 VBM ballots that have not yet been returned – 38.6% of the outstanding mail-in ballots are sitting the homes of Democrats, while 22.8% belong to Republicans and 38.3% with those unaffiliated with either party.

Vote-by-mail ballots must be mailed by 8 PM on November 5 and arrive at the Board of Elections by close of business on November 7.

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