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Grassroots groups pushing millionaire’s tax

By Nikita Biryukov, March 20 2019 3:09 pm

Grassroots groups that helped flip the seventh and 11th congressional districts last year are shifting their gazes to Trenton and preparing to lobby for a millionaire’s tax being sought by Gov. Phil Murphy.

The groups — NJ 11th for Change, NJ 7th Forward, The People’s Organization for Progress, Action Together NJ and Our Revolution Essex — will hold a press conference in Newark Thursday to push Democrats in the legislature to back a millionaire’s tax.

Under former Gov. Chris Christie, Democrats advanced such a measure five times only to see it vetoed. Since Murphy took office, they’ve backed off the issue, saying they fear the cap on state and local tax deductions passed by Republicans in 2017 has made a millionaire’s tax untenable.

Murphy sought a similar tax last year. The ensuing budget showdown ended with the creation of a tax bracket affecting those making more than $5 million in a given year and an increase to corporate business tax that was sought by Democratic legislative leaders.

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