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Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo

DeAngelo backs budget with no millionaire’s tax

By David Wildstein, June 05 2019 5:37 pm

Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo (D-Hamilton), a building trades union official who represents the legislative district with the most public employees, announced today that he would support a budget bill that does not include a millionaire’s tax.

The move puts DeAngelo in the general vicinity of Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin and far away from Gov. Phil Murphy, who has proposed an income tax increase for households earning more than $1 million annually.

“This is not our first budget season in the Statehouse. We understand the intricate nature of creating a fiscally responsible spending plan that strengthens working families and the middle class,” DeAngelo said. “It was just not possible to talk about a millionaire’s tax before the budget committee finished its hearings and heard from the administration the projected numbers.”

DeAngelo is the first 14th district legislator to make any public statement on their budget views.

“I will support a budget bill without a millionaire’s tax included,” DeAngelo said.  “Our job as legislators is to do what is best for the people of New Jersey.”

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