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Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-Denville).

Bergen hits Dems over borrowing bill

By Nikita Biryukov, June 05 2020 2:42 pm

Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-Denville) attacked Democrats in the legislature over their support of a bill allowing the state to borrow up to $5 billion passed by the Assembly Thursday.

“Assembly Democrats seem pretty confident in the state’s ability to pay back a nine-billion-dollar loan in three years. I think they’re delusional,” Bergen said. “We have not made a full pension payment since 1995 and have never fully funded the school funding formula. To think that the state would magically become fiscally responsible enough to handle our obligations is unrealistic.”

The bonding bill has drawn sharp criticisms and legal threats from Republicans, who claim the measure is unconstitutional.

It’s not yet clear when, or if, the bill will see a vote in the State Senate. Senate President Steve Sweeney has so far refrained from publicly backing the measure, though the every South Jersey Democrat in the Assembly voted in favor of the bill.

“The Assembly Democrats want to borrow money because of a shortage in revenue,” Bergen said. “We can fix our revenue problem and ignite our economy now by allowing our businesses to get back to work. Borrowing money and mortgaging our future is a cop-out.”

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