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Appellate court rules New Jersey can withdraw from NY Harbor Waterfront Commission

By Nikita Biryukov, June 05 2020 6:13 pm

An appellate court ruled New Jersey was allowed to pull out of the New York Harbor Waterfront Commission.

“This is a hard-fought legal victory that affirms the law we wrote to abolish a commission that had outlived its purpose. It became an obstacle to economic activity that was costing us jobs in the shipping industry, which continues to be a key part of the state’s economy,” Senate President Steve Sweeney said. “New Jersey is a transportation hub for the region that fuels the flow of goods through the bi-state region.”

New Jersey voted to withdraw from the bi-state agency in 2018, though a previous court decision would have invalidated the law that pulled the state out of the compact.

The Third Circuit Court’s decision means the commission is effectively dead.

“The court decision reaffirms the one thing we have known all along: It is time and it is necessary to move forward, making way for more efficient operations at the port,” Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin said. “The companies along the Waterfront are a part of one of the lifeblood industries of our state’s economy. Their ability to work, create jobs and do business aids in our long-term successful growth in these industries and will open up opportunities for people to get back to work.”

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