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John and Joyce Sheridan. (Photo: Cooper University Health Care).

Following Caddle admission, Mark Sheridan asks for new look at parents’ death

By Joey Fox, January 28 2022 1:08 pm

Mark Sheridan, the son of a politically powerful lawyer who died with his wife under mysterious circumstances in 2014, sent a letter to acting Attorney General Andrew Bruck and Somerset County Prosecutor Michael Robertson today asking them to reconsider his parents’ case in light of developments in the Sean Caddle murder-for-hire investigation.

John Sheridan, a former New Jersey Transportation Commissioner who was a major figure in the state Republican Party, was found dead with his wife, Joyce, in their Skillman home in September 2014; both had been stabbed, and their house was set on fire. 

The Somerset County Prosecutor’s office initially found the deaths to have been a murder-suicide, but after pressure from Mark and his brothers, the case was reopened, and the Sheridans’ cause of death was eventually changed to undetermined in 2017. The handling of the case caused a reshuffle in the state’s medical examination system, but the investigation itself has had no recent developments.

That is, until Caddle, a former political operative, admitted to hiring two men to kill former associate Michael Galdieri. The two men hired by Caddle, Bomani Africa and George Bratsenis, stabbed Galdieri before setting fire to his Jersey City home in May 2014, just four months before the Sheridans died.

“As you may be aware, those facts [of Galdieri’s murder] are eerily similar to the circumstances surrounding the death of my parents,” Mark Sheridan wrote in his letter.

Sheridan acknowledged that neither Bruck nor Robertson were in charge of their respective offices during the investigation of his parents’ death, but said that he hoped they would look at the case anew with a focus on Brasenis, who was arrested in Connecticut with a kitchen knife two days after the Sheridans were found dead.

“As we all know, the Somerset County Prosecutor’s office never recovered the knife used to kill my father at the scene of the alleged murder-suicide,” he wrote. “I ask that you reach out to the Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut who is prosecuting Mr. Bratsenis to request photos of the knife recovered at the time of his arrest to determine if it matches the set of knives from my parents’ kitchen.”

Though the news of Caddle’s admission was only made public this week by U.S. Attorney Philip Sellinger, Caddle first entered a plea agreement last September, voted in the 2021 general election in November, and is currently out of jail on $1 million unsecured bond.

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