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Rep. Christopher H. Smith (R-Hamilton). (Photo: Chris Smith).

Smith mourns loss of Gagliano

By David Wildstein, April 14 2019 3:02 pm

Rep. Chris Smith (R-Hamilton) today remembered Tom Gagliano as an “extraordinary leader—smart, resourceful, tenacious, and effective.”

The former New Jersey Senate minority leader died on Saturday at age 87.

“Tom was a force for what was good and honorable and won four competitive races for the state senate, the final one in a landslide,” said Smith. “His colleagues in Trenton had such respect for him that they made him their leader. Tom made a lasting positive difference in the lives of the people of Monmouth.”

Smith said that he and his wife, Marie, “deeply cherished his friendship, insights and his sense of humor.”

Gagliano served as chairman of several Smith re-election campaigns.

“He leaves behind a great family,” said Smith.

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