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New Jersey Democratic State Chairman John Currie. Photo courtesy of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee.

NJDSC selling ‘knucklehead shirts’

By Nikita Biryukov, May 19 2020 10:42 am

The New Jersey Democratic State Committee will create t-shirts telling residents to not be “knuckleheads,” which has become one of Gov. Phil Murphy’s favorite words during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Making sure as many New Jerseyans as possible receive life-saving information about social distancing guidance is a crucial aspect of stopping the spread of COVID-19, and the Governor and his team’s use of creative, impactful messaging on both traditional and social media has been a big part of that success,” said NJDSC Chairman John Currie.

The state committee is currently holding a vote on four shirt designs to decide which will go to print.

All net proceeds from shirt sales will be donated to the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.

“‘Don’t be a knucklehead’ seems to be on the tip of a lot of residents’ tongues right now, and we think this campaign will help spread that message even further while also raising money for an outstanding cause,” Currie said.

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