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New Jersey State Building & Construction Trades Council president Bill Mullen

Mullen pushes Murphy on nuclear power

By David Wildstein, April 11 2019 1:39 pm

One of New Jersey’s most powerful labor leaders wants Gov. Phil Murphy to back the Salem and Hope Creek nuclear power plants as he crafts a detailed energy plan in the coming weeks.

Nuclear energy brings distinctive attributes to the power grid — large-scale, affordable, zero-emission, and around the clock reliability,” Bill Mullen, the president of the New Jersey State Building & Construction Trades Council, wrote in a letter to the governor.  “More than ever, nuclear plants provide needed electricity supply as states come up with ways to meet growing consumers’ needs and fulfilling the states’ energy goals.”

Murphy touted his clean-energy agenda on Wednesday, but stopped short of saying how his long-term plan to have 100% of New Jersey’s energy come from renewable sources would affect the nuclear power plants.

“New Jersey’s own Salem and Hope Creek nuclear power plants have been providing stable and steady power, supporting the State’s economy and powering its air quality with clean energy for many decades,” Mullen said.  “Electricity powers our economy and our standard of living.”

Mullen says that the power plants have long employed union members.

Throughout the plant’s life, thousands of New Jersey Building and Construction Trades

“Nuclear energy is vital to New Jersey’s green economy, energy future and maintaining a sustainable environment for future generations,” said Mullen. “We cannot ignore Salem and Hope Creek’s future – it would leave a void in our economy and in the job sector that New Jersey and our members cannot afford.”

Murphy has said in the past that nuclear power would be part of his plan.

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One thought on “Mullen pushes Murphy on nuclear power

  1. New renewable generation should be used to replace fossil fuels, not also-non-emitting nuclear. That is, if we really care about global warming (and reducing air pollution). Given the seriousness of climate change, all nuclear plants must stay open.

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