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Deputy Community Affairs Commissioner Rob Long, the treasurer of the Murphy for Governor campaign in 2017

Murphy treasurer says Berkon did bill for Brennan matter

Long corrects statements made on Wednesday

By David Wildstein, January 10 2019 3:22 pm

Former Murphy for Governor treasurer Rob Long now says that Perkins Coie did bill the campaign for attorney Jonathan Berkon’s services, reversing representations he made yesterday.

“I subsequently reviewed my files to the confirm the accuracy of my statement.  In my email records was an email dated 9/17/18 that contained a PDF of a 26-page billing invoice from Perkins Coie that, at the time, represented an updated statement of charges Perkins Coie had billed to its Murphy for Governor account,” Long told the New Jersey Globe.  “A re-review of this invoice identified that for the month of June 2018, Perkins Coie had billed the campaign $1,740, the description of which included services relating to Mr. Berkon’s work on the matter involving Ms. Brennan.”

On Wednesday, Long said that Berkon was not getting paid for being the intermediary between Gov. Phil Murphy and Katie Brennan, a former campaign volunteer and current administration official.

Long told the New Jersey Globe that no new legal bills had come from Berkon or his law firm, Perkins Coie, since the Murphy campaign ended

“There are none, even though he noted he got an email from the governor,” Long said.

Long specifically said that the campaign was “absolutely not”  paying Berkon for conversations he had with administration officials, including chief counsel Matt Platkin, and with Brennan regarding her allegation that Al Alvarez, a former Murphy campaign staffer and administration official, raped her in 2017.

Long said that he was “issuing this statement to correct the record and apologize for any confusion my original statement may have caused.”

Now the deputy commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Long says he is no longer the Murphy campaign.

“I would like to clarify that I not serving as Treasurer for Murphy, as all campaign filings in 2018 and beyond will confirm,” Long said.

Still, reports filed with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission show that the Murphy campaign paid more than $13,000 to D+R Long Associates for compliance consulting fees for services provided in 2018.  

It is not immediately clear why a bill for confidential legal services was sent to Long if he was no longer the campaign treasurer.

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