Cammarano: Platkin recusal limited in scope

Pete Cammarano, Gov. Phil Murphy's outgoing chief of staff, may have shed some light on why chief counsel Matt Platkin remained deeply involved in the handling of sexual assault allegations made against former Schools Development Authority Chief of Staff Al Alvarez by another administration official, Katie Brennan. Platkin recused himself from the matter in March, shortly after Brennan told him Alvarez sexually assaulted her in April 2017, when they were

Delgado-Polanco wasn’t told about allegations against Alvarez

Schools Development Authority Chief Executive Officer Lizette Delgado-Polanco was not told about the sexual assault allegations made against former SDA chief of staff Al Alvarez until the day he resigned, though she said she was told to expect his departure. Delgado-Polanco told the Special Committee on Oversight that while she was interviewing for the position, she asked if Alvarez wanted the job. She said Gov. Phil Murphy’s outgoing chief of

Berkon: Platkin ok’d my contacting Brennan

Gov. Phil Murphy’s campaign counsel Jonathan Berkon’s testimony before the Special Committee on oversight provided little new insight on why a campaign lawyer was the one to tell State Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency chief of staff Katie Brennan that the man she accused of sexual assault was leaving government service. Berkon stuck to the line, previously offered by administration officials, that he was looped into the discussions Brennan’s allegations

Sweeney: Special Committee investigation will take as long as it takes

Senate President Steve Sweeney on Wednesday said the Special Committee on Oversight’s investigation into the hiring of Al Alvarez could run past the end of February, a soft deadline set by committee co-chair Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, “You can't predetermine what comes out of an investigation. you've got to let the investigation take its course, and if it gets done early, it's done early. If it takes a little

Murphy maintains he first learned of Alvarez accusations on Oct. 2

It’s still too early to tell what consequences Gov. Phil Murphy and his team do or do not face as a result of the Special Committee investigation into the hiring of Al Alvarez, but the testimony of Katie Brennan has already put the governor under some amount of scrutiny. Brennan, who is chief of staff at the Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, has accused Alvarez of sexually assaulting her in