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Former Passaic NAACP president Jeffrey Dye

GOP raising money off Jeffrey Dye storm

Derogatory comments about Jews, Latinos got Passaic NAACP president fired

By David Wildstein, August 21 2019 10:05 am

New Jersey Republicans are fundraising off Gov. Phil Murphy’s controversial hiring of Passaic NAACP president Jeffrey Dye, who lost his state job yesterday after making anti-Semitic and anti-Latino comments on his Facebook page.

“This Murphy Administration has been plagued with one scandal after another and this is far from their first questionable hire,” said Middlesex County Republican State Committeeman Donald Katz.  “NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt called for an investigation into the hiring of corrupt official Marcellus Jackson and was the first to call for an investigation into the hiring of accused rapist Al Alvarez.”

Katz as donors who are disenchanted with Murphy to “help give the NJGOPP  the resources to lay the foundation to beat him in his re-election.”

Murphy is expected to seek a second term in 2021.

Dye was fired one day after the New Jersey Globe reported a history of divisive social media posts he had made about Jews and Latinos.

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