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Camden Mayor Frank Moran, left, with George Helmy, chief of staff to Gov. Phil Murphy, at a Starbucks in Princeton on May 22, 2019.

Camden Mayor meets with Murphy chief of staff

Norcross ally Frank Moran has coffee at a Starbucks today with George Helmy

By David Wildstein, May 22 2019 12:39 pm

Camden mayor Frank Moran was spotted at a Starbucks in Princeton this morning with Gov. Murphy’s chief of staff, George Helmy.

The meeting comes just days after Moran told Murphy to stay out of Camden until he stops attacking the city, and one day after South Jersey Democratic leader George Norcross – a strong supporter of Moran — filed a lawsuit against the governor.

Tax incentives from the Economic Development Authority to boost redevelopment in the city of Camden have become an issue as a task force named by Murphy to look at past tax breaks appear to have focused on South Jersey.

It is not immediately clear what happened at the meeting.

Moran did not answer his cell phone and did not respond to a 12:28 PM text message.

A spokesman for Murphy, Mahen Gunaratna, declined to comment.

Moran attended a groundbreaking yesterday in Camden for a new Hilton hotel, the first new hotel for the city in perhaps decades.

A photo of Moran and Helmy was obtained by the New Jersey Globe.

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2 thoughts on “Camden Mayor meets with Murphy chief of staff

  1. We need a hotel in Camden like we need a whole in our head. Get those clowns gov. Murhy. Their laughable all of them.

  2. Hey Mayor Moran let the Governors Office do there job.. What are you and Norcross hiding! It’s about time that someone is checking on all this TAX BREAK 🤔

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