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State Sen. Joe Pennacchio. Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Pennacchio slams Senators for anti-Catholic statements

Says Menendez, Booker should have defended NJ Catholic community

By David Wildstein, January 02 2019 11:12 am

State Sen. Joseph Pennacchio (R-Montville) wants the U.S. Senate to condemn two of their members for making anti-Catholic comments during confirmation hearings for a federal judicial nominee.

Pennacchio says that Senators Kamala Harris (D-California) and Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) were wrong to ask Brian Buescher, President Trump’s nominee for a district court judgeship in Nebraska, if his membership in the Knights of Columbus would prevent him from making fair and impartial rulings.

“As a Catholic and an American, I am absolutely appalled. It seems that being anti-Catholic or anti-Semitic has become politically-chic, and we should all be alarmed,” Pennacchio said.  “Bigoted and anti-Catholic line of questioning directed to Judicial nominee has no place in the halls of government.”

The Morris County Republican said that New Jersey’s two U.S. Senators, Bob Menendez and Cory Booker, should have had the backs of the state’s Catholic community and chastised Harris and Hirono for their statements.

“We should all be concerned about the rise of bias in this country. The hateful rhetoric must come to an end and we should shed light on anyone who is spewing hate, regardless of their party affiliation or the faith they are attacking,” said Pennacchio.  “It is no more acceptable to attack someone for being Catholic, than it is to attack someone for any other religious belief.”

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2 thoughts on “Pennacchio slams Senators for anti-Catholic statements

  1. This will really get those Washington Democrats in line. They have finally met their match. Next he should tell them to fund the wall! What a joke!

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