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State Sen. Joe Pennacchio. (Photo by Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe).

OPINION: A Call to Traditional Democrats – Help Save Our Country, Before it is Too Late

By Senator Joe Pennacchio, October 10 2018 12:21 pm

The recent Washington circus involving the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court crystallized what the Democrat Party has become: taken over by extremists, pushing aside the constitutional and traditional values that we have shared for generations. These Democrats attempted to destroy a good man, and in the process, also blew themselves up.

Lewis Caroll and Saul Alinsky writing together could not have concocted a more bizarre effort on the Democrats’ part. Any pretense of jurisprudence; moral or civil decorum went out the window. The list of offenses to common decency is exhaustive: The 11th hour release of unsubstantiated and uncorroborated accusations by Dr. Ford; the subsequent illegal leaking of those allegations by Senator Diane Feinstein’s office; and Senator Hirono’s statement that men should “shut up.” Let’s not forget Senator Cory Booker’s so-called “Spartacus moment,” where our very own U.S. Senator had the gall to state that whoever supports Kavanaugh is “complicit in evil.”

Having lost the argument against Justice Kavanaugh, the Democrats are now choosing to obstruct, deceive, and destroy, so that if voters install them in the majority in Congress this November, they can continue to “investigate” Kavanaugh, and remove him from the Supreme Court. Such a move could coincide with the conclusion of the Mueller investigation; a shameful enterprise that by itself has cost taxpayers nearly $20 million.

Overall, I am embarrassed and concerned by this behavior. The Democrats clearly have no intention of stopping and they have expressed no shame for their lack of decency. Instead, they continue to govern in a manner that is so hyper-partisan and histrionic, that if allowed to continue, will surely lead their party and our country into a dangerous abyss.

Traditional Democrat supporters, such as Catholics and trade unions, who have aligned themselves with the Democrats, must ask themselves whether there is actually any room for them in this newly-constituted “far left” Democrat Party of Socialist Machiavellians.

Support supplied by trade unions and Catholics, among others, will fuel this effort to destroy the way America has been governed for nearly 250 years. Your silence will be equally complicit in their takeover of our country. If they succeed, America will no longer be the country you were born into.

Historically, we have been asked to rededicate ourselves to our founding principles. President Lincoln issued such a call to action in his Gettysburg Address. Lincoln knew that the ultimate danger to a Democracy would not come from external foes, but rather from within. We must now remember President Lincoln’s words: “If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

I do not believe that the Democratic Party has a place for my trade union friends and fellow Catholics. The Democratic Party long ago classified your “simple” thoughts on religion and traditional values as “deplorable.” They have accused you of clinging to your bibles and your guns. Former Vice President Joe Biden even called you the “dregs of society.”

Republicans, however, share your values. We want to support everyday working people and we will fight hard to help you prosper and find economic success, without belittling the traditional values and morals you hold dear.

Changing the paradigm of the new Democratic Party is, in my view, impossible. That train, commandeered by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders has left the station. The choice of how we govern ourselves is in our – your hands.

Joe Pennacchio, Republican of Montville, represents the 26th district in the New Jersey State Senate

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5 thoughts on “OPINION: A Call to Traditional Democrats – Help Save Our Country, Before it is Too Late

  1. Nice article but the fact that it is coming from Pennacchio means you can’t take this guy seriously. This is the same guy who had is :”fascist manifesto” that he wrote and when called out on denied it to the death. This is the guy who fights with his own party more than he does the so called socialist democrats.

  2. Trumpism at it’s tritest. Really? You call out people based on their religion? You have no idea what the Democratic party stands for, and are a shill for POTUS and the rest of the folks who would be ecstatic if women weren’t allowed to vote. Sorry, we are not going the way of The Handmaid’s Tale, despite the fact that you are preaching that kind of autocracy.

  3. First the republicans damage the republic when bushco squandered the Clinton surplus and turned it into the greatest defecit in the history of the world with off the books perpetual war leaving generations yet unborn with the historic debt, now the cause great rancor, discird and social unrest but appeal to dems to fix It?

    Bloody cheeky..

  4. What a piece of partisan, nonsensical trash. The rankings of a right-wing loon who spent too much time inn Wikipedia. The Democrats are anti-Catholic and anti-Union? The Democrats deceive and destroy as a party of extremists? The Democrats are coming for your guns and your bibles?

    This from a man who is proud of a party that supports a true con artist and snake oil salesman as it’s loathsome leader and champions only the interests of straight, White Christian Americans. You complain about the investigation into collusion because of the cost, but have no problem bank rolling Trump’s golf vacations, nepotistic appointments, or emoluments. Hypocrisy at its best.

    Senator, your party has proudly defended white nationalists, shouted down women, sided with dictators over allies, voted against laws protecting minorities, gay Americans, and the disabled, and has made every attempt to take what’s left of our democracy down the sewer along with Trump’s Swamp administration. You represent a party of hate, lies and vitriol and we see it. We see you.

    We are embarrassed by you Senator. The fact that you claim to represent your district, but make clear that you hate anyone who doesn’t agree with you and your politics of faux patriotism.

  5. The Republicans in Congress have joined in Trump’s cry against democracy itself. We don’t need the press – we’ve got Fox to tell us what to believe. We don’t need equality under the law — what the point of being rich if you can’t bully your way around? You don’t need to vote –we’ll make you spend hours in line, challenge your vote and call you a fraud. The one thing the Republican Party and their lap-dog Pennacchio fears above all is working people finally seeing past the lies, the spin, the outright propaganda they twist in place of honest facts. The second thing they fear is that we will remember -remember that ways in which they’ve stolen our wealth, our hope, and our children’s future.

    Democracy depends on building trust and honest, open communication for it’s very survival. Democracy needs informed voters to make real choices, not Fox spin doctors telling us what to believe, who to trust,who to vote in, or out of office. A free press is the best friend the working people of this nation have ever had, and both Pennacchio and Trump seem to be doing their best two-step, hand in hand, dancing dancing, dancing around everything but the truth

    The facts are in: Republican’s retained seats in many states through restricting honests citizens access to the polls -passing local legislation everywhere they had statehouse power to discourage real working people from voting. Why was it that working class neighborhoods throughout Republican controlled states had endless lines, absurd challenges and discriminatory voter verification? The answer is simple: they don’t believe in democracy, and they’ll steal power in any way they can.

    Pennacchio seems to think “Catholic,” and “unionist” are words synonymous with his kind of bigotry. Does he think trade unionist have no memory? That we will not remember repeated Republican efforts to gut unionism, their efforts to prevent union shops, their attempt to freeze or even eliminate minimum wage?

    The reality is Americans are among the most productive workers in the world, yet because of Republican opposition and takes-backs we endure a second rate health system whose entire cost is being dumped on the workers, we have the poorest vacation and leave compensation among the industrialised democracies, and our pension and retirement system has been trashed – handed over lock, stock and barrel to the same “financial wizards of Wall Street who scream for deregulation, unembarrassed by recession after recession where our “great individually managed” 401K’s (if we get one) earn money for the brokers and hucksters even as we lose 20% to 30% of the principal every few years as another market “bubble” breaks.

    The only real bubbles in this mismanaged economy is in the champagne the brokers and bankers drink as they laugh at the working people of this country, laugh all the way to absurd salaries, bonus plans and stocks deals with our money.

    Of course they don’t want us to remember that Republican courts and Republican legislation let the corporate raiders steal the real pensions workers used to have. They want us to forget that they’re out to destroy Social Security, the last safety net for the elderly working man and woman – a net so thin that we see our elders standing at the doors of Walmarts trying to smile on the bosses command. Why do they do this? Because their pensions have been stolen by Wall Street and because Social Security increases are routinely block by Republicans. All this while the Republicans raise our taxes and lower the taxes on thee rich.

    The more Pennacchio froths at the mouth – spouting off about unionism, catholics and “traditional values” – the more clear it becomes that he simply can’t abide the fact the people of this state, by clear majorities, disagree with him on almost every issue from healthcare to gun safety. In his version of “traditional values” the poor get poorer, workers get shafted and the 1% drinks champagne and laughs all the way to the bank. Those aren’t Åmerican traditional values – it just plain greed.

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