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Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez. (Photo: New Jersey Courts.)

Hudson prosecutor e-mail identified Alvarez as Murphy campaign staffer

E-mails sent to Suarez in April ’17 said Alvarez worked for Democratic gubernatorial candidate

By David Wildstein, January 30 2019 12:01 am

An internal e-mail from the Hudson County prosecutor’s office shows that investigators identified Al Alvarez as an employee of Phil Murphy’s campaign for governor eleven days after Katie Brennan alleged that she was sexually assaulted.

“She is unsure if she wanted to report this as he is a part of the political campaign ‘Murphy for Governor,’” an investigator in the Special Victims Unit wrote to top officials in the office, including Hudson County prosecutor Esther Suarez and 25 others.

In a statement issued last week, Suarez said she was not aware that her office investigated Brennan’s allegations until October 2, 2018 – more than seventeen months later.

“I was not made aware of the parties involved or their workplace while this matter was under investigation, between April, 2017 and November, 2017,” Suarez said last October, after the Wall Street Journal reported details of the allegations made against Alvarez.

The first e-mail was sent on April 10, 2017, two days after the alleged assault took place.

Suarez wasn’t the only high-ranking official on the e-mails.  Other recipients included first assistant prosecutor Wayne Mello, first deputy assistant prosecutor Peter Stoma, chief of investigations Gene Rubino and chief of detectives Peter Stith.

It’s not immediately clear whether Suarez’s chief of staff, Carol Lamparello, has access to the prosecutor’s official e-mails.  A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office did not respond to a 9:02 PM e-mail seeking comment.

Suarez indicated last October that she would appear before the Legislative Select Oversight Committee if invited to testify.

“I anxiously await the opportunity to defend this office and stop the misinformation,” Suarez said.

The e-mails were obtained by the New Jersey Globe, which confirmed their authenticity through a source with knowledge of the e-mails.

Excerpts of the e-mails were first reported by NJ Advance Media.




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2 thoughts on “Hudson prosecutor e-mail identified Alvarez as Murphy campaign staffer

  1. This prosecutor indicted two high ranking JCPD officers one a female for whistle blowing sexual and racial misconduct , the other was her commander. Implicated was Fulop, Director Shea, Chief Zachi and other politically connected. After a 3 year wait and six weeks of trial (Stoma was the Lead prosc.) the prosecutor dismissed the charges before the defense was put on. The entire thing was taped ( I have the cd). This female has been returned to work but the city is fighting giving her back pay legal fees and her promotions she was skipped on. The commander was retired 1 1/2 years before the indictment. They haven’t paid his legal fees either. (Pension was stopped but reinstated in Jan 2019). The two had a lawsuit against the city chief and director 1 1/2 years before the indictment. The chief was arrested and guilty on federal charges. Director Shea had the JCPD IAU do the sham investigation IAU was exposed telling lies on the stand. Just before Suarez dismissed the charges mid trial.

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