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Wefer launches U.S. Senate campaign

Says he will fight disillusionment among Republicans

By David Wildstein, April 03 2018 10:32 am

Former Hoboken Housing Authority Chair Dana Wefer, a former Democrat who is seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate as a moderate, says that her ballot slogan – “Make the GOP Grand Again” – was inspired by discussions with Republicans she met going door-to-door to get her petitions signed.

“The Republicans I spoke with are not insiders, many don’t even vote in primaries, and they have a very different perspective of the NJ GOP than the party insiders do,” Wefer said.  “At least three times a day, I had people tell me they weren’t Republican anymore or that even though they are registered Republican, they don’t want to associate with the party.  There is a general sense of disillusionment, even disgust.  It’s a very different group than the Republicans who show up to events and participate actively in party politics.”

Wefer is one of two women who have switched parties and running without the support of the party establishment for federal office.  Lindsay Brown is challenging Rep. Leonard Lance (R-Clinton) in the Republican primary.

“We need a minimum of two strong parties for our system to work,” Wefer said.  “The minority party plays a critical role in keeping government honest and providing a check on runaway government.  We owe it to the people to do better,” said Wefer, an attorney from Englewood. “We can’t persuade people if we can’t get their attention, and we can’t get their attention if we’re doing the same thing we’ve always done.  My candidacy is a sharp departure from business as usual, and I hope that it will lay the foundation for party growth in the years to come.” 

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