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Former Rep. Jim Saxton

Saxton gives to Guadagno, Sweeney and Norcross

Warchest of ex-GOP congressman down to less than $25k

By David Wildstein, April 13 2018 11:25 am

Former Rep. Jim Saxton, who retired from Congress in 2008, still has $24,214 left in his campaign warchest,

The former Republican lawmaker used some of his funds to contribute $4,500 to Kim Guadagno’s campaign for governor.   Saxton also gave some money to Democrats: $1,000 to Donald Norcross’ re-election campaign, and $500 to Senate President Steve Sweeney, both in 2017.

A former Bordentown mayor, Saxton, 75, served in the State Assembly and State Senate before winning an open House seat in 1984.  He left office ten years ago to concentrate on his fight with prostate cancer.  Democrat John Adler won the seat, then lost it two years later to Jon Runyan.  The seat is now held by Republican Tom MacArthur.

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