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An ad from 5th district Republican Frank Pallotta blames inflation on Democrats. (Photo: Frank Pallotta via YouTube).

Pallotta ad hits Democrats on inflation

Not clear how ad will be distributed, but it’s wrong length for TV spot

By Joey Fox, September 23 2022 11:56 am

Republican 5th congressional district nominee Frank Pallotta today released a new ad, his first of the general election campaign, that slams Democrats for rising inflation and high government spending.

It’s not clear how the ad, entitled “Common Sense,” will be distributed; the release did not specify, and Pallotta’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Given that the ad is 38 seconds long, it’s unlikely that it will be aired on TV, since those spots are typically exactly 30 seconds.

Transcript: (News anchor): “Inflation is likely to remain sticky–” (Pallotta): “With more than 25 years of experience in finance, the economy is my expertise. But it doesn’t take an expert to tell you we’re in big trouble. Democrat career politicians continue to spend us into a recession, while working families struggle to keep up with record inflation from the gas pump to the utility meter. I’m running for Congress to bring common sense back to Washington – to support policies that put money back in your pockets. I’m Frank Pallotta, and I approve this message.”

Though the ad does not mention Democratic incumbent Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-Wyckoff), Pallotta said in a statement that Gottheimer is to blame for inflation and Democratic excesses.

“Liberal D.C. insider Josh Gottheimer is complicit in the weary, downward trending state of our economy today,” Pallotta said. “While Gottheimer claims to be a ‘problem solver’ working for the people, his time in Congress has only involved cheap photo-ops, baseless attacks on his opposition, and at least 43 potential conflicts of interest in his shady stock trades.”

Pallotta, who lost in 2020 to Gottheimer 53-46% in a more Republican district, has been dramatically outraised by the incumbent this time around. As of July, Gottheimer had more than $14 million on-hand while Pallotta had just $64,057; the challenger has thus far declined to dip into his own money, which he used to bankroll his 2020 campaign.

That huge fundraising disparity has allowed Gottheimer to go on the airwaves unopposed, running two TV ads in the last month: one touting his own work as a “problem solver” and another castigating Pallotta as an extremist.

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