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Rep. Josh Gottheimer. (Photo: Gottheimer for Congress).

New Gottheimer TV ad skewers Pallotta as an extremist

NJ-5 Democrat contrasts his pro-choice position with GOP support of abortion ban, slams Pallotta’s support for Oath Keepers

By David Wildstein, September 21 2022 9:00 am

An aggressive new TV ad for Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-Wyckoff) in New Jersey’s 5th district contrasts the three-term Democratic congressman with a Republican rival that he calls an “extremist” for supporting a domestic terror group and a full ban on abortion.

In “Commonsense vs. Extremism,” the ad begins with clips of Gottheimer with his family, veterans, a police officer, and other constituents with a narrator touting his record of bipartisanship and his support of reproductive rights, law enforcement and tax cuts,  and then contrasts him with his GOP opponent, Frank Pallotta.  The ad includes a clip from an October 2020 New Jersey Globe debate where Pallotta defends the Oath Keepers, saying, “I stand by them.  They’re good people.”

Script: “(Narrator) A bipartisan problem solver, Josh Gottheimer takes on the extremes to lower taxes, support police, protect a woman’s right to choose.  Frank Pallotta is part of the extremist crowd.  He event defended the violent Oath Keepers who attacked the capitol and police on January 6.  (Pallotta) I stand by them.  They’re good people.  (Narrator) And on abortion, Pallotta’s so extreme, he calls it manslaughter and would ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest.  Extremist Frank Pallotta – he doesn’t share our Jersey values.”

Federal prosecutors have indicted leaders of the Oath Keepers, an anti-government right wing militia group, on seditious conspiracy charges for their alleged role in organizing the events of January 6.

Two years ago, Gottheimer defeated Pallotta by 7.5 percentage points in a district that became more Democratic in congressional redistricting.

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