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New Jersey Demcorats are approaching a voter registration edge of 1 million.

NJ Dems grow registration since election day

Democratic edge expands in 11 of 12 districts since Trump won

By David Wildstein, January 07 2019 9:31 am

New Jersey now has 934,239 more Democrats than Republicans, according to numbers released by the state Division of Elections.  The Democratic registration edge grew by 3,389 between the November 6 general election and the end of 2018.

The state now has 2,221,608 Democrats – an increase of 7,195 since election day.  Republicans went up 3,806 and their registration now stands at 1,287,369.

The total number of statewide Democrats increased by 147,515 since Donald Trump as elected president in 2016; Republican registration went up by 75,825 during the same time period.

Democratic voter registration outpaced Republicans in 11 of 12 New Jersey congressional districts since Trump’s victory.

* In the 11th district, which flipped from red to blue after 34 years, the Democratic voter registration edge increased just slightly in the two months after Mikie Sherrill (D-Montclair) was elected to congress. There are now 5,825 more Republicans in the district that Democrats; that number was at 6,159 on election day.  Democrats gained 272 during that period and Republicans lost 62.

Sherrill’s district added 14,553 more Democrats since Trump was elected, while 6,565 voters have registered Republican.

* The 7th district, where Tom Malinowski (D-Rocky Hill) unseated a five-term Republican congressman, the GOP registration edge dropped from 6,709 to 6,418 since November 6.  607 new Democrats and 316 new Republicans have registered since election day.

Since Trump’s election, the 7th has 15,953 new Democrats and 5,762 new Republicans – numbers that helped Malinowski become the first Democrat to win the seat since 1954.

* There are now 11,951 more Democrats than Republicans in the 3rd district, up from 11,951 since November 6.  The district has added 893 new Democrats and 654 new Republicans.  Andy Kim (D-Marlton) ousted two-term Rep. Tom MacArthur by a narrow margin.

The 3rd has gained 8,895 Democrats and 8,429 Republicans since Trump’s 2016 election.

* Democrats outnumber Republicans in the 2nd district by 16,517 – down just a little bit from the 16,571 election day edge.  The district now held by Democrat Jeff Van Drew (D-Dennis) following the retirement of 12-term Republican Frank LoBiondo added 416 Democrats and 470 Republicans since election day.

The Van Drew district has added 10,065 Democrats and 8,142 Republicans since Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election.

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