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U.S. Senator Bob Menendez, with Gov. Phil Murphy, at a press conference on New Jersey infrastructure projects on September 4, 2018. New Jersey Globe photo.

Menendez slams Trump vendetta

Says president has ‘missed the message’

By David Wildstein, September 04 2018 1:04 pm

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez took aim at Donald Trump today, blaming his failure to support funding infrastructure projects on the president’s “personal political vendettas.”

“Infrastructure shapes where we live and how we get around.  It has an enormous impact on our environment and our economy,” Menendez said at a press conference in Secaucus this morning.  “Making smart investments in New Jersey’s infrastructure yields real benefits, spurring vibrant communities, enhancing job opportunities and improving the quality of life. “

Menendez said that both sides of the aisle have come together in support of funding for the Gateway Tunnel and the Portal Bridge, and that the failure to move forward belongs to Trump.

“Unfortunately, President Trump has missed the message.  Like we’ve seen time and time again, reality is taking a back seat to the President’s political vendettas.  He’s ignoring the national economic benefits this project will generate,” Menendez said.  “He’s ignoring the workers who would see good, family wage jobs building the tunnels and replacing the Portal Bridge.  And he’s ignoring the promises he made to the American people about investing in our infrastructure.”

Menendez, who is seeking re-election to a third term this fall, predicts that Trump will lose bid to stop the Gateway project and suggested that “it has become painfully clear that something is wrong with the administration when we see how we are being treated.”

“The writing is on the wall.  This is a fight the administration will not win,” Menendez said.  “And we will not let them win, because the stakeholders are not driven by petty politics.”

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