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Lisa McCormick, left, and Jim Devine. (Photo: Facebook).

McCormick makes offer to off-the-line Dems

By David Wildstein, April 11 2018 9:32 am

Lisa McCormick has something valuable to offer, and she’s willing to share.

McCormick is guaranteed one of the first two lines or columns in the June Democratic primary.   That’s a preferential ballot position that comes with being one of the two Democrats running for the U.S. Senate.  The incumbent, Bob Menendez, has been endorsed by all 21 Democratic county organizations.

So McCormick, a longshot candidate on a good day, is offering to allow any other Democrat in the state who is running off the line against the organization candidate, to bracket with her and get a better position on the ballot.

“This fact of ballot placement is a long time trick used by the establishment to injure candidates who are independent of their control and it is an unconstitutional disadvantage imposed on anyone who runs for the Democratic Party nomination,” said McCormick campaign spokesman Jim Devine. “If you were offended by the undue influence of ‘super delegates’ at the last presidential nominating convention, then you should agree with us on this matter.  This unconstitutional law allows some candidates to be put on the ballot in places hard to find for some voters.”

McCormick says that she doesn’t care who the candidate is and what slogan they will decide to use.  She welcomes all Democrats, her campaign said.

“If you choose to challenge this disadvantage in court, Lisa McCormick will support any Democratic Party primary election candidate who files a lawsuit to secure better placement on the ballot,” Devine said in an open letter to Democratic candidates. The political insiders do not have an inherent right to rig the ballot and this issue is one that Lisa McCormick has previously said is contrary to Democratic Party principles. Since she will be in the first or second position, she is not harmed by this and thus has no standing to file a lawsuit.”

So far, there is no word of any takers.

“If you undertake such a complaint, Lisa will give her full support to the cause and ask the court to open such a case to all candidates who are not ensconced on a ‘regular’ organization line in each county, since those entities deserve no legitimacy among voters choosing our candidates for nomination,” said Devine. “Mounting a legal challenge to this unjust law would be be an attack on the heart of illegitimate power of New Jersey political bosses, and a good chance to show why you deserve the nomination of the party of the people.  Win or lose in the election, this is a legal fight worth waging and winning for the people.”

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