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Tom Malinowski

Malinowski runs his first TV spot

Ex-State Department official introduces himself to 7th district voters

By Nikita Biryukov, August 06 2018 11:04 am

Tom Malinowski launched his first ad of the campaign season on Monday, finally dipping into the sizeable war chest.

The ad, which features a voiceover by the candidate backed by soft music, goes through a brief version of Malinowski’s professional history before launching into support of some policies with bipartisan appeal, like lowering healthcare costs, restoring the deduction for state and local taxes to its previous level and protecting social security and Medicare.

While those issues are unlikely to be overly effective at animating liberal voters, they’re fair play for New Jersey’s moderates, and they won’t alienate swing voters in the same way that shipping more liberal policies were.

That point is doubly important when one considers that Malinowski is still a largely-unknown quantity within the district. His opponent, Rep. Leonard Lance has held the seventh district’s congressional seat since 2009.

Before ascending to that post, Lance served in the state’s legislature, first in the Assembly and then in the Senate. He first took office in 1991.

Malinowski’s 30-second spot will run across the district.

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