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Rep. Tom Malinowski in an August 2022 TV ad making abortion a key issue in his re-election campaign. (Image: New Jersey Globe via YouTube).

Malinowski makes abortion top issue in 2nd TV ad

Message contrasts congressman’s pro-choice position with Kean’s vote against codifying Roe v. Wade into state law

By David Wildstein, August 17 2022 9:40 am

Rep. Tom Malinowski takes the abortion issue front and center in his bid for a third term in Congress, contrasting his pro-choice positions while contrasting votes by his Republican opponent, former Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr. against the codification of Roe v. Wade and for defunding Planned Parenthood in his second TV ad of his re-election campaign.

Using the voices of more than a dozen women—and his own – Malinowski proclaims himself as strongly pro-choice and uses his ad to raise the stakes of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and an expected move by some Republican lawmakers to pursue a national-level abortion ban.  The ad mentions “the MAGA crowd,” but not former President Donald Trump or the Supreme Court.

The Malinowski campaign said they want the ad contrast Kean’s record on women’s reproductive health.   In a statement, the Malinowski campaign said it seeks to send a a message that the nation should “not go back to a time when women risked their lives because the freedom over their own bodies was under political influence.”

Script:  (Woman) 1: Voting equals choice.  (Woman)  This year, our vote equals our freedom to choose.  (Malinowski) : I’m pro-choice.  Period.  (Woman) Period.  (Woman) But when New Jersey protected  Roe v. Wade.  (Woman) Tom Kean Jr. voted no.  (Woman): Kean voted to defund Planned Parenthood.  (Woman) Time after time.  (Malinowski)   That’s what happens when they win.  (Woman)  We’re not going back.  (Woman)  When we vote  (Woman) We win.  (Malinowski) We win.  (Woman)  … freedom to make our own decisions about our lives.  (Woman) Not politicians and certainly not the MAGA crowd.  (Malinowski) I’m Tom Malinowski and freedom is why I approve this message.

“Tom Kean Jr. has made it clear that he stands with the MAGA extremists and if elected, will vote to pass a nationwide abortion ban,” said Brooke Zindulka, Malinowski’s campaign manager.   “The stakes this November could not be higher.  Tom Malinowski supports a woman’s right to choose — period.  Kean Jr. has consistently opposed it.  In New Jersey’s 7th district, choice is on the ballot – and we are confident the voters will send a resounding message this November.”

Kean, who has identified himself as pro-choice, has said he opposes “abortion on demand right up until the moment of birth.  In his final day in the State Senate this year, Kean was one of 15 senators – all Republicans – who voted against a pared-down version of the Reproductive Freedom Act that will make access to abortion a guaranteed right under state law.

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