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Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-Toms RIver)

MacArthur: Kim should disavow PAC ad

Says House Majority PAC repeats false claims

By David Wildstein, October 04 2018 10:00 am

Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-Toms River) says that Andy Kim should disavow a TV ad paid for by the House Majority PAC aimed at flipping New Jersey’s 3rd district from red to blue.

The ad alleges that “the bill MacArthur supported puts an age tax on older Americans,” a claim that PolitiFact New York recently called mostly false when the same PAC used the same claim against a GOP congressman from New York.

“This is now the second time independent fact-checkers have repudiated claims made by Andy Kim and his allies,” said MacArthur. “If Andy Kim has an ounce of integrity he will immediately call for this ad to be taken down and admit these attacks are false. Based on his campaign so far, I don’t expect he’ll do the right thing. After all, this is a guy who held an anti-corruption rally at which he endorsed corrupt, career politician Bob Menendez. These ads are intentionally designed to scare seniors into thinking that their health care is at risk, when it simply isn’t. These dishonest attacks are pathetic, and they must end now.”

MacArthur was first elected in 2014 when Jon Runyan retired.  Kim is a former Obama White House aide making his first bid for public office.

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2 thoughts on “MacArthur: Kim should disavow PAC ad

  1. Everyone agreed the MacArthur Amendment killed people! It gutted pre-existing conditions. Plus, he’s one to talk (out his ass) about disclaiming ads…his ads don’t have an iota of truth in them and they’re freaking racist pos just like him.

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