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Glen Rock Councilwoman Arati Kreibich. (Photo courtesy of Arati Kreibich)

Kreibich hits Gottheimer over Social Security bill

Most NJ House Dems back bill

By Nikita Biryukov, September 11 2019 12:06 pm

Glen Rock Councilwoman Arati Kreibich attacked Rep. Josh Gottheimer over a Democrat-backed bill to increase funding for Social Security Wednesday.

“Congressman Gottheimer likes to talk about moochers — he talks about moocher states who he blames for our New Jersey’s high taxes. Now who he means are people who are on social security, people on SNAP benefits, the poor and the working class in Alabama, and Mississippi and states like that,” Kreibich said. “Those aren’t the people who are really mooching off of us. The people who are really mooching off of the seniors in our district are the wealthiest who are not paying their fair share.”

Kreibich, a Democrat who supported Gottheimer in previous cycles, is mounting a primary challenge from the left against the two-term congressman.

The Social Security 2100 Act increases the amount the wealthy pay into Social Security.

Currently, the program’s tax base is capped at $132,900. The law would require those making more than $400,000 continue paying into the program. The law also increases Social Security’s minimum benefit and ties the program to a more accurate measure of inflation.

Most of New Jersey’s House delegation — and 210 Democrats across the country — have signed onto the bill as cosponsors.

In the Garden State, only Gottheimer, Rep. Mikie Sherrill and Rep. Chris Smith, the state’s lone Republican in Congress, have not signed on to sponsor the bill.

Gottheimer, a moderate, is the first Democrat to represent the fifth district since before the start of the second world war, though the layout of the district has changed considerably since the 1930s.

Three Republicans — investment banker Frank Pallotta, former Cresskill Councilman John McCann and Montvale Mayor Michael Ghassali — are seeking the nod to run for the fifth’s House seat.

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