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Democratic congressional candidate Amy Kennedy.

Kennedy TV ad will air on night Van Drew addresses GOP convention

Democrat launches new ad to run on Philadelphia broadcast and cable TV in NJ-2

By David Wildstein, August 26 2020 9:38 am

Democratic challenger Amy Kennedy will run a new TV ad around Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s speech to the Republican National Convention on Thursday evening talking about how South Jersey families and small businesses are struggling.

Kennedy’s ad, “Recovery,” will run on Philadelphia broadcast and cable television in the eight counties that are part of New Jersey’s 2nd district.

The ad is narrated by Kennedy, and includes footage of Van Drew shaking hands with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office after deciding to switch parties.  It also includes image of her five children and her husband, former Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy (D-Rhode Island), the scion of one of America’s most prominent political families.

Kennedy is also show in multiple situations meeting with voters while wearing a face mask.

Script: “What’s happening to families and small businesses in South Jersey is heartbreaking. This crisis is crushing us. But it didn’t have to be this way. I’m Amy Kennedy. I’m a mother of 5, former public school teacher and mental health advocate. Politics should never get in the way of making sure everyone has good healthcare and access to a financial lifeline. In Congress I’ll fight to put the middle class and small businesses first.”

The campaign did not announce how much money they are putting behind the ad.

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