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New Jersey Senate Minority Leader Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (Photo: Kean for Congress.)

Kean TV ad talks of ‘working across party lines’ to protect Unemployment Trust Fund

Through historical footage, Florio and McGreevey make cameos in GOP congressional candidate ad

By David Wildstein, September 09 2020 8:49 am

Tom Kean, Jr. touts his bi-partisan efforts to stop politicians from raiding New Jersey’s Unemployment Trust Fund in a new cable TV ad for his campaign to become the next congressman from the 7th district.

Kean, the minority leader of the New Jersey Senate, faces freshman Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-Ringoes) as Republicans push to recapture a House seat they lot in the 2018 midterm elections.

In “Trust,” Kean speaks to the camera as he connects the loss of jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and past bids in state government to pull money from a fund set up to covering the costs of unemployment benefits in the past.

Two former Democratic governors, Jim Florio and James E. McGreevey, make cameo appearances in the ad through the use of historical footage.

Script: “Everyone knows somebody whose job has been impacted by COVID. For years, Trenton politicians of both parties raided the Unemployment Trust Fund. Putting our neighbors and our friends at risk. It was wrong. So I worked across party lines to make certain that funds for the unemployed would never be taken again. That’s why, in these difficult times, New Jersey families have the support they need to get back on their feet. I’m Tom Kean. I approved this message because you deserve a Congressman who works for all of us.”

The Kean campaign did not disclose how much money they are spending on the new ad.

“Tom Kean, Jr. is a public servant and a serious legislator,” said Theresa Winegar,” Kean’s campaign manager. “There are countless examples of Senator Kean reaching across the aisle and building a governing coalition to find solutions for his constituents. Securing the Unemployment Trust Fund for times like the COVID-19 pandemic is a shining instance that embodies Tom Kean’s leadership.

Malinowski ousted five-term Rep. Leonard Lance (R-Clinton Township) in a district that had not elected a Democrat since 1954.

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