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New Jersey Senate Minority Leader Thomas H. Kean, Jr. (R-Westfield).

First Kean TV aid highlights record of crossing party lines as Senate leader

Kean: ‘In times like these, we need a congressman who works for all of us’

By David Wildstein, August 19 2020 8:56 am

Republican congressional candidate Tom Kean, Jr. has launched his first television ad, a positive spot that accentuate his history of bi-partisan cooperation as minority leader of the New Jersey State Senate.

Kean faces freshman Rep. Tom Malinowski (R-Ringoes) in New Jersey’s 7th district, one of the most carefully watched House races in the nation and a seat Republicans held from 1956 until five-term incumbent Leonard Lance was defeated in 2018.

The Kean ad, “Times Like These,” will air on cable television stations throughout the district.  The campaign did not say how much money they are putting behind this spot.

Script: “These are difficult times. We’re concerned about our kids, our jobs and our safety. But too many politicians only care about themselves. I’m Tom Kean. I’ve spent my career working across party lines. To help seniors afford their prescription drugs. To protect victims of domestic violence. And make certain those who have lost their jobs have the help they need. Because in times like these, we need a Congressman who works for all of us.”

“Washington needs leaders who will unite and New Jersey deserves a Congressman that will deliver,” said Theresa Winegar, Kean’s campaign manager. “Tom Kean has a trusted record of bi-partisan accomplishments that have helped seniors afford their prescription drugs, protected victims of domestic violence and ensured that the unemployed receive the support they need. In times like these, we need a Congressman like Tom Kean, who will work for all of us.”

Kean, 51, served in the State Assembly from 2001 to 2003, when he moved up to the State Senate.  He’s been minority leader since 2007.  A volunteer firefighter in Westfield, he is the son of former Gov. Thomas H. Kean and the grandson of former Rep. Robert W. Kean (R-Livingston), who served in the U.S. House of Representatives for 20 years representing a district that overlapped part of the current 7th.

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