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Major Antony Ghee, U.S. Army Reserve

Ghee says DeNeufville offered job to get out of race

Allocco has different interpretation of events

By David Wildstein, June 01 2018 3:16 pm

Tony Ghee says that Peter DeNeufville, one of his opponents in Tuesday’s GOP congressional primary, offered him an appointment to the Morris County Parks Commission in exchange for withdrawing from the race and endorsing him.

Ghee, one of five Republicans running in New Jersey’s 11th district, says he perceived the offer as a “quid pro quo” of a job in exchange for an endorsement.  He said he has sent a letter to federal and state prosecutors to ask them to investigate.

The offer came during a meeting at the Versailles Diner in Fairfield on Thursday.  He says that another candidate, Patrick Allocco, was present.  Allocco initially declined comment, but a source close to Allocco, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed DeNeufville made the offer.

Later, Allocco issued a statement siding with DeNeufville.

“With just a few days left in this hotly contested Primary, I would never have chosen to publicize the meeting that took place at the Versailles Diner and indeed, declined an invitation to participate in a press conference.  I strongly believe that there was no intended malice on the part of Peter and that he was truly exploring a path to his own victory,” Allocco said. “With that stated, I consider both men to be friends and I have no further comment on this unfortunate matter.”

Ghee alleges that DeNeufville told him he only wanted to serve two or three terms and that he could have a bright future in politics if he helps him beat Assemblyman Jay Webber, the front runner for Rodney Frelinghuysen’s House seat.  Ghee says that DeNeufville told him he had internal polling that suggested that he could beat Webber if Ghee and Allocco didn’t take votes from him and said he had spoken to “people in Morris County” who could facilitate the endorsement.

“I questioned whether this conversation could be perceived as illegal and/or unethical collusion amongst candidates,” Ghee wrote in his letter to prosecutors.  “Mr. DeNeufville stated that he had spoken to some of his advisers and was confident the conversation was appropriate.”

DeNeufville told the New Jersey Globe that the allegations were “preposterous.”

“It is sad that Antony Ghee is trying to resuscitate his failing and broke campaign by distorting and mischaracterizing a meeting we had to discuss the campaign,” DeNeufville said in a statement. “Being an attorney, he knows better and in fact has initiated a number of similar conversations.”

Ghee letter to prosecutors 060118


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6 thoughts on “Ghee says DeNeufville offered job to get out of race

  1. Wow. Straight-up Quid Pro Quo. Violation of Federal (and maybe State) law, right?
    How does Prosecuted Peter de Neufville sound? “Excuse me, dear Peter, but the United States Attorneys Office is on the phone and they’d like to speak with you.”

  2. Quid Pro Quo. “Hello, Mr. de Neufville, this is the United States Attorneys Office calling.”
    Can’t wait to see nasty Peter de Nuefville prosecuted.

  3. Besides deNeufville, you know who’s got a whole lot to worry about now? Those “influential individuals in Morris County” deNeufville referenced and conspired with about the Morris County Parks Commission appointment.
    Stay tuned.
    You “influential individuals” can officially start sweating now, if you aren’t already.

  4. Source close to Allocco confirms that Deneufville made the offer. Zoink!
    Perp-walk Peter Deneufville

  5. “Mr. DeNeufville stated that he had spoken to some of his advisers, and was confident the conversation was appropriate.”
    Advisors. Aren’t Brian Murray & Gregg Edwards involved with the DeNeufville campaign?

  6. quid pro quo is the fancy term. BRIBERY is the better one.
    Since Peter DeNeufville has spent his life purchasing whatever he wants, apparently he thought he could just purchase political office too.
    Do you think dear Peter will try to wear his penny loafers with the Orange Jumpsuit & federal inmate number?

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