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DCCC says Van Drew internal polls showed vulnerabilities

By David Wildstein, December 19 2019 4:36 pm

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) released parts of a poll they conducted in New Jersey’s 2nd district showing that party-switching Rep. Jeff Van Drew is “despised by Democrats, distrusted by Republicans, and likely viewed poorly by independents who watched him swap identities for political gain.”

Part of the DCCC’s case against Van Drew is that Republicans will reject him as their candidate despite apparent support from President Donald Trump, noting that he voted against Trump 93% of the time.

Van Drew’s internal polling from December 7-10, the DCCC said, showed that jut 31% of voters felt that he should be re-elected.  Nearly half – 48% — wanted someone new.

The  Van Drew poll also showed Trump’s re-elect numbers upside-down at 47%-50%.

“Congressman Van Drew tried to change his values because his own polling showed he completely alienated the Democratic base and was on track to lose his primary,” said DCCC executive director Lucinda Guinn.  “Now, by switching parties, he has further motivated that base, tied himself entirely to President Trump and will have to explain a voting record that is out of step with Republican primary voters in NJ-02.”

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