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Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-Dennis) represents New Jersey's 2nd district in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Statements on Jefferson Van Drew’s party swicth

By David Wildstein, December 19 2019 4:06 pm

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Emmer

“Jeff Van Drew should be commended for refusing to blindly follow Nancy Pelosi’s stampede of hate-filled Democrats over the edge of the political cliff.    “This is further proof that the socialist Democrats’ hatred of President Trump and obsession with removing him from office will cost them their majority next November. 

“This is now a Republican seat and we will fight tooth and nail to ensure it remains a Republican seat.

“We encourage any remaining Democrats not consumed by a hatred of Donald Trump and who have a desire to govern for the betterment of the American people to join our freedom-loving Republican Party.”

Republican congressional candidate Robert Patterson

“As a lifelong conservative Republican, I have a message for liberal Switcheroo Van Drew: Bring it on.  Let’s get one thing straight: South Jersey Republicans will not nominate a pro-choice, pro-amnesty, pro-Norcross, anti-Trump candidate, no matter what letter Van Drew has after his name. South Jersey citizens deserves a congressman who will fight for them and their conservative values – not a liberal opportunist who fights for himself.”

Democratic congressional candidate Brigid Harrison“In the most cynical act imaginable, today Jeff Van Drew disgracefully betrayed the people of the 2nd District. Jeff Van Drew traded his party for the support of a failed, impeached President, demonstrating his disloyalty not only to Democrats, but also to Republicans and Independents. In switching parties, he violated the trust placed in him by all of those who voted for him, including me.”

“His actions today are simply despicable and he has shown once again that he holds no loyalty to the people of our community, the Constitution, or the future of democracy.”

“Let’s be clear, Van Drew made a choice.  He chose to obstruct Congress’s rightful authority to investigate very serious allegations.  He chose to assist in withholding crucial information related to the 2020 election.  And, most of all, he chose to put is own political career above the needs of his constituents and his country.  This choice – and today’s handshake – will define Jeff Van Drew’s legacy in New Jersey for generations.

“Now that Van Drew has chose Trump over the people South Jersey, we begin a new day.  We now have a new, clear opportunity to create a pathway for needed change.  The choice is now back in the hands of each of us and it is my determination as a Democratic candidate for the 2nd congressional district to provide leadership that will always put the needs and demands of people first.”

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