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Rep. Tom MacArthur, left, and his Democratic challenger, former Obama White House staffer Andy Kim

CD3 too close to call

By Nikita Biryukov, November 06 2018 11:22 pm

The race in the third congressional district is too close to call.

With 100% of the votes from Ocean County and 98.2% of precincts reporting in Burlington County, former Obama staffer Andy Kim leads by a mere 395 votes.

That means yet-uncounted vote-by-mail and provisional ballots will likely decide the winner in the third district.

MacArthur racked up a 27,481-vote margin in Ocean County, while Kim is ahead by 27,876 votes in Burlington with some a relatively-small number of ballots uncounted.

MacArthur won’t have anything to say about the race until tomorrow morning.

In a statement sent out after midnight, Kim’s camp said they were still confident their guy would win.

“While the polls closed four hours ago, the race is too close to call and there will not be a result tonight. There are still tens of thousands ballots that need to be counted, many of which are from voters in Burlington County,” Kim campaign manager Zack Carroll said. “We are confident that when all the votes are properly counted, Andy will be declared the winner.”

Because of the state’s new vote-by-mail law, counting those votes may take longer than it has in previous years, as voters can now submit those ballots as long as they’re post marked by election day.

This story was updated with comment from Zack Carroll.

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