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Biden stumps for Sherrill

Former Vice President in Montclair

By David Wildstein, September 05 2018 2:53 pm

Former Vice President Joe Biden is at Montclair State University today, drawing a huge crowd in support of Democrat Mikie Sherrill for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th district.

Biden and Sherrill were joined by Gov. Phil Murphy, Democratic State Chairman John Currie, and a deep  bench of party leaders and local elected officials.

”The reason I’m here is because Mikie gets it,” Biden said.  “We desperately needs in both parties men and women of character.”

Biden went after Sherrill’s Republican opponent, though not by name, on Assemblyman Jay Webber‘s record on guns in the New Jersey Legislature.

”You can’t afford another Trump acolyte in the House,” Biden said.

Gov. Phil Murphy attacked Webber, again not by name.

“We can not give this congressional district to someone who was Chris Christie’s hand-picked Republican State Chairman who was a solid yes-man for the Christie agenda that wrecked our state,” Murphy said.  “We don’t need a solid yes vote for Donald Trump.”

Murphy slapped Webber for his vote in the State Assembly last spring against equal pay for women.

“Do we really need a congressman who believes that equal pay for women, which I was proud to sign into law here in New Jersey, who said about equal pay ‘it will hurt women,’ Murphy said.

Theresa Winegar, the executive director of the Republican State Committee, issued a statement criticizing Sherrill for campaigning with Biden and Murphy.

“Having those three in the same room should make every taxpayer in New Jersey nervous. Governor Murphy just got done raising his first round of taxes by nearly $2 billion, Vice President Biden proposed another $17 billion in taxes while he was on stage and Mikie Sherrill would need all the ink she could get her hands on for her rubber stamp if she were in Congress.”

Biden gave some Bidenesque advice to the Democrats in the room.

“Get off your rear ends and get out and vote,” told the crowd.

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One thought on “Biden stumps for Sherrill

  1. Did Biden discuss how Sherill supports Obama’s policies that led to stagnant job growth and the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression?

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